Q1: I’m on the Keto diet. Are RAMEN-Z ok to eat?

Yes, keto diet followers can have RAMEN Z without any worries.

Q2: Are RAMEN-Z low in carbs?

Yes, the net carb of RAMEN Z miso flavor is 4g and RAMEN Z tonkotsu flavor is 3g.

Q3: I’m (Type 1 or Type2) Diabetes. Are RAMEN-Z safe to eat?

Yes, absolutely it is safe for Diabetics both type 1 and 2. The Ramen Z is very low net carbs and will not spike insulin response.

Q4: Is it better to keep RAMEN-Z refrigerated?

No, you can store RAMEN Z at room temperature before opening. Please do not freeze RAMEN Z.

Q5: Do you have noodles only RAMEN-Z?

It is coming soon!

Q6: What’s the shelf life of RAMEN Z?

One year after production without any opening.

Q7: Do RAMEN Z products contain MSG?

No, it is MSG-free ramen.

Q8: Where is RAMEN Z made?

It is produced in Japan using the latest technology.

Q9: Does RAMEN Z tonkotsu contain any animal products?

No, RAMEN Z is vegan-friendly.

Q10: Can RAMEN Z noodles replace traditional pasta?

Yes! You can use RAMEN Z noodles as a substitute for regular ramen noodles or traditional pasta. We are currently working on just the noodle product as well.

Q11: Does it contain preservatives?

NO PRESERVATIVES in Ramen Z at all.

Purchasing, Shipping & Returning

Q1: Where can I purchase it?

You can purchase the product only at this e-commerce site at this moment.

Q2: Do you accept returns?

All return inquiries must be made within 2 weeks of receipt of the item. Please contact us prior to shipping any order back to us.

Q3: Do you ship outside the US?

No, we currently ship within the US.