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    100% vegan friendly ramen
    Vegan Tonkotsu and Vegan Miso available

  • ramen z keto friendly gluten free low carb shirataki ramen

    Low-Carb, Keto-Friendly, and Gluten-Free

    4g carbs in Vegan Tonkotsu
    3g carbs in Vegan Miso

  • ramen z low calories

    Low Calories

    45 Carories per serving

  • ramen z heat it and eat it

    Heat It & Eat It

    All you need to do is just "Heat it".

    Believe it or not, you can enjoy this ramen at room temperature!

  • vegan low carbohydrate Cacio e Pepe Ramen Z

    Cacio e Pepe Ramen Z

    Vegetarian / Vegan Option / Dairy 

    Cheese and carbohydrates are a delicious combination, but many people can't easily eat them because of the calories. That's where RAMEN Z's gluten-free noodles can cut calories significantly.

    See full recipe 
  • RAMEN Z | gluten free ramen mapo tofu home cooking ramen recipe

    Mapo Tofu RAMEN Z

    Meat / Keto-Friendly / Spicy / Vegan Option

    Mapo Tofu is one of the most popular Chinese dishes in Japan and is a popular dish served not only in restaurants but also at home.

    See full recipe 
  • Cheeseburger RAMEN Z

    Meat / Keto-Friendly / Vegan Option

    Let's turn burgers into a bowl of ramen! 
    To make this vegan, use meatless grounds and shredded non-dairy cheese. 

    See full recipe 

Comparison of RAMEN Z and retail ramen Packages

Products Calories Net Carbs Keto Gluten
ramen z miso shirataki ramen
Vegan Miso

45 Cal

4 g



ramen z tonkotsu shirataki ramen
Vegan Tonkotsu

45 Cal




tonkotsu ramen
retail product

390 Cal

or more

67 g

or more



miso ramen
retail product

400 Cal
 or more

68 g

or more



 per serving