A plant-based ramen substitute that promotes wellness for everyone.

  • RAMEN Z plant based ramen icon

    Plant-Based / Vegan Friendly

    Noodles and soups are vegan.
    Choose from Vegan Tonkotsu or Vegan Miso flavor!

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    Gluten Free

    RAMEN Z is a gluten-free ramen, so even diabetics and people with celiac disease can eat it safely.

  • RAMEN Z keto friendly ramen low carb

    Low Carbs / Keto Friendly

    Regular ramen noodles are made with wheat but not RAMEN Z. The main ingredient of RAMEN Z noodles is konjac or shirataki noodles contain very few digestible carbs.

    Vegan Tonkotsu contains 3g of net carbs.
    Vegan Miso contains 4g of net carbs.

  • RAMEN Z 45 calories per meal low calorie ramen meal

    Low Calories / Detox

    RAMEN Z is only 45 Calories Per Serving!, but also has the detoxifying effect of konjak fibers.

  • Heat it & Eat it RAMEN Z

    "Heat It & Eat It"!

    No need to cook! Just warm up and eat!

    There are many ways to customize it too!

Konnyaku root and konnyaku | RAMEN Z

What makes RAMEN Z Noodles so healthy? It is “Konjac”!

RAMEN Z’s noodles are called a kind of “shirataki noodle,” which is made from glucomannan, a type of fiber that comes from the root of the konjac (konnyaku in Japanese) plant. Konjac contains very few digestible carbs — but most of its carbs come from Glucomannan fiber. Konjac is a high-fiber food.

For thousands of years, konjac has been known in Japan for its
medical benefits such as great food for smoother skin, a home
remedy for constipation and a detox food for the liver.

Learn About Konjac
gluten free low carb vegan ramen Cheeseburger RAMEN Z

RAMEN Z is great for…

Vegans & Vegetarians
Fitness Enthusiasts
Health Enthusiasts
Diabetic Patients
Gluten-Free Diet
Keto Diet
Low Carb Diet
Calorie Control Diet
and more!

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ramen z vegan soup

Vegan Soup

Our RAMEN Z, Tonkotsu flavor & Miso flavor broth soup is vegan and vegetarian-friendly.
We have invented a new recipe and taste for Tonkotsu that is entirely animal-free.

vegan low carbohydrate Cacio e Pepe Ramen Z

How To Prepare

Just “Heat It & Eat It”!

1. Transfer the noodles and soup in a microwavable container, cover loosely and microwave for 2-3 minutes
2. Enjoy

*The current package is not microwave-safe. We are in the process of making it better!

1. Boil a pot of water.
2. place the package in the pot of boiling water. Do not open the package.
3. Cook noodles for 3 minutes.
4. Remove package from pot.
5. Cut the package on the dotted line & pour meal into a bowl.
6. Enjoy

** You can also open the pouch, transfer it to a pot and reheat it on the stovetop.

***photo is Cacio e Pepe Ramen Z